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Our Mission

To be the worlds leading binary options affiliate program by providing the best products and service and SHARING the profits with our affiliates in a way so that EVERYONE BENEFITS !

Binary Affiliates is the only true cooperative affiliate program in the industry. Unlike other affiliate programs we share our profits amongst all our affiliates. The more affiliates and the more traffic we generate overall the better deals we CAN and WILL offer to our affiliates so no matter how many traders you send you will benefit from our unique profit sharing formula.

Our unique profit sharing formula

Each month there will be certain targets which we will need to achieve overall as an affiliate program. When any of these targets are met we will raise the CPA deals for our brokers for everyone for that month.

For example, its the 10th of the month and our network has achieved a target of 50 real money CPA traders. This will result in the CPA for every player being increased. If the previous CPA rate was 150, the CPA will now be 200*. If the next target is met the CPA will be increased once again for each player for that month. * Please note these are sample figures only

As well as this we offer the highest standard deals for revenue share and CPA in the industry. We have partnered with the leading binary options brokers in the market to provide you not only the best products but we provide you with REAL TIME stats for all our products and are the only Binary Options Affiliate Program that are doing so.

So not only will you earn more you will be able to login and check your profits 24/7 !